After taking my family on a nine-day vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii, my plan to relocate there is back in the cards! Since 2014, two years after retiring from my finance job, I’ve been contemplating moving back to Honolulu to spend more time with my parents. However, actually making the move has been much harder than expected.

Just as financially insecure people often tell themselves “just one more year” before retiring, I’ve been saying “maybe next year” about moving to Honolulu for the past 10 years!

The thing is, life keeps getting in the way. First, we had a son in 2017, then a daughter in 2019, and the pandemic made us crave stability and familiarity. Our son got into a school he enjoys immensely, and now our daughter has joined the same school, which we believe she’ll also enjoy. As a result, the inertia of life has kept us in

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