After an Impressive Performance in 2020, the New Year Starts with a Huge Bang for CoinMetro

CoinMetro, a popular Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange platform has gained a lot of ground in the past one year, despite the ongoing pandemic causing a widespread disruption. One of the significant developments during the year is the launch of a digital securities marketplace in association with Ignium.

The digital securities marketplace launch was soon followed by the CoinMetro Bond sale that went live in November 2020, with a target to raise EUR 2,500,000. Set to end on January 30, 2021, the tokenized bond offering allows users to purchase CoinMetro bond for as less as EUR 10 and earn an annual interest of 8-12% over a fixed 2-year term. The platform has now sold out, raising 2,500,000, of which over EUR 2,000,000 worth of investment was received in under 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s bullish trend and a highly positive outlook towards the cryptocurrency market has turned 2021 into a great year so far for CoinMetro. Within the first two weeks, the platform has witnessed its monthly revenue surpass that of any other month, which has forced the company to rework its estimates for the remaining days of January 2021. According to official projections, January 2021 will see CoinMetro’s signups increased by 25 times, combined with a 63x jump in revenues and a whopping 380 times rise in trading volume. The growth of CoinMetro is also reflected in XCM’s value – the platform’s native token which has registered a 300% increase in this month.

In the last year, CoinMetro’s total annual volumes rose by 30 times, combined with a 20-fold increase in revenues

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