Could Bitcoin Benefit From Wall Street’s Quarter-End Rebalancing?

A migration of billions of dollars is set to happen from stocks to bonds by the end of March as US-based asset management firms rebalance their portfolios. And it could have a direct or an indirect impact on the Bitcoin market.

Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, a cross-asset research analyst at JPMorgan & Chase, noted that pension funds, insurers, and similarly large investment groups will sell their stock positions to seek exposure in the bond market. The move, according to Mr. Panigirtzoglou, would appear as investors seek to go back to the classic 60/40 mix, a portfolio strategy that prompts asset managers to keep 60 percent of their capital in stocks and 40 percent in government bonds.

“It should be happening as we speak,” Mr. Panigirtzoglou told the Financial Times. “The rebalancing could already help to explain the stronger bond market performance so far this week, as the transfers are typically concentrated in

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