Dogecoin Proving The Haters Wrong as Market Cap Now Exceeds Twitter

In a testament to how crazy markets have become, Dogecoin is now worth more than Twitter. While it looked like the DOGE train had run out of steam during late April’s sell-off, its market cap has gone on to nearly double, to just below $50 billion, in less than two weeks.

Elon Musk’s involvement is a factor in all of this. The Tesla billionaire is reportedly going to mention Dogecoin during his up-and-coming appearance on Saturday Night Live on May 8. On a fundamental level, there’s also the fact that more merchants are beginning to accept the meme token as a payment method. While critics maintain DOGE lacks fundamentals, who’s having the last laugh now?

Dogecoin Stuns The Market With Ever-Increasing Price Tear

In defiance of convention, Dogecoin continues its incredible run, even managing to flip Cardano in the process. YTD gains currently stand at 7,800%.

Following the recent market

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