Crypto Market Is Still In The Early Stages, Says Ric Edelman

Famed finance author Ric Edelman has said that crypto is still in the very early stages, comparing it to the internet right before the big boom. The crypto market which is a little over a decade old has grown exponentially in its short time in existence. At its highest, the market grew to $3 trillion surpassing the valuation of some of the most valuable companies in the globe. Despite this growth, the market still has a lot of growing to do and Edelman believes this is only the beginning.

Comparing Crypto To The Internet

It is estimated that there are 130 million users of the crypto market currently. This number has grown from the previous years but still remains a tiny fraction of the world’s population who are yet to come into the market. Edelman, speaking with CNBC, explained that the crypt market now is similar to what the internet

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