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For traders thinking Solana is controlled by the bears, a popular crypto market analyst, Chris Burniske, is giving a fresh perspective of hope for the major altcoin.   

According to the former lead of Ark Invest’s crypto department, those who think that SOL is generally bedridden in a bearish mood are mistaken.

SOL Sets To Make a Breakthrough

Burniske said that the Ethereum killer still has a breakthrough opportunity to rally its price despite its reverse down at a resistance level.

The prominent analyst urged traders not to be extremely bearish on SOL as the coin would eventually retrace its value. He expects the crypto’s retracement to occur within the next few months. 

Burniske, however, cautioned that investors might experience price decline due to the market volatility, which might heighten and cause massive losses for traders who have opened long positions in their leverages.

Since the start of the year,

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