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Renowned financial guru, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, has once again made headlines with his latest Twitter remarks on the importance of Bitcoin in the face of growing US debt.

As the US economy continues to deteriorate and the country’s debt ceiling discussions take center stage, Kiyosaki emphasizes the urgency of securing one’s financial future by investing in alternative assets, including the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The State Of The US Economy 

Robert Kiyosaki begins by shedding light on the deteriorating state of the US economy, expressing concern over the growing national debt. With Congress currently discussing raising the US debt ceiling to $31.4 trillion to avoid blemish, Kiyosaki dismisses it as nothing more than “kabuki theater.”

Drawing attention to the dire financial situation, he asserts that the US is already bankrupt, citing unfunded liabilities, such as Social Security, which surpass $250 trillion.

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