6 Ways to De-Stress After a Long Day of Work

Featured image by JillWelington from Pixabay How do you feel when you return from work every evening? Do you feel drained and exhausted? This life of a nine to five worker. We all can relate. Usually, you’ll find out when you get home, you just want take a shower, eat, and jump into bed. This […]

Portland Rioters Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage On Thanksgiving Night

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times, Rioters in Oregon’s largest city on Thanksgiving caused thousands of dollars in damage, authorities said. A group of people dressed in black clothing were witnessed smashing windows along Hawthorne Street in the early hours of Nov. 26, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Officers canvassed the area and found that […]

Watch: Viral Video Of Water On Fire Reveals A Natural Gas Leak In China

Authored by Michael Kern via OilPrice.com, Residents in a natural gas-producing northeastern Chinese province have made a video of tap water being set on fire with a lighter – a video that went viral – prompting an investigation by local authorities and a shutdown of the water supply to part of a city because natural gas had […]

Buying Bonanza Culminates With Record Inflows Into Global Stocks

As Doug Kass writes this morning, “the market is overbought and statistically overvalued after experiencing the third best month (in November), in percentage terms, in history.” He correctly notes that speculation is now running amok (EV, SPACs, etc.) and sentiment is at an extreme – whether seen by the CNN Fear and Greed Index sentiment […]

Rabo: For Traditional Retailers The Outlook Is Indeed Black

By Michael Every of Rabobank None More Black Ian: Here it is, lads! “Smell The Glove”…gather round….Where’s David?… David, David, get up here! Derek: David, “Smell The Glove” is here. Ian: The moment we’ve all been waiting for…Here we go, plenty for everybody…here you are. David: I never thought I’d see…I never thought I’d live […]

SCOTUS, houses of worship, and the pandemic

The Supreme Court has sided with religious institutions (NYT) against some of the pandemic restrictions of state and local governments: The opinion said the state had treated secular businesses more favorably than houses of worship. “The list of ‘essential’ businesses includes things such as acupuncture facilities, camp grounds, garages, as well as many whose services […]

Podcast links: new money

Fridays are all about podcast links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at the challenge of valuing fast-growing SaaS companies. Book stuff Episodes

Groups Trying to Open Golf to Young People Are Struggling Themselves

Golf has been having a boom year since courses that were closed in the pandemic reopened in June. Even with the hiatus, rounds of golf played this year are now nearly 11 percent ahead of last year’s pace, according to the National Golf Foundation. In October, typically the end of the golf season in many […]

How To Respond When Slackers Don’t Pull Their Weight

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Is there a slacker you have to deal with? iClipArt By Dianna Booher Back in high school, the kids called it snitching. Teachers, trying not to be complicit in the tattling but also wanting to build a positive classroom culture, often responded to the warring class […]

The Portfolio Puzzle of Our Lifetime

This is the thing we all need an answer for – starting valuations for stocks have rarely been higher, while starting bond yields have never been lower. Can stocks return enough going forward to overcome this hurdle? Will bonds deliver the hedge against volatility investors are counting on? On this week’s podcast, I’ve brought on […]

The Value Of Saying No – And Who To Turn Down

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin The difference between successful people and highly successful people is directly related to how … [+] often they say “no.” To figure out who you should say no to, it’s helpful to group the people you know into three groups: friends, buddies, and friendly. Photo by […]

CISL launches business guide for injecting sustainable practices into everyday operations

Unilever is among the firms providing advice on integrating sustainability into everyday business practices New guide draws on the expertise of recognised corporate sustainability leaders such as Ikea and Unilever to set out 10 principles for effectively embedding environmental action within an organisation How can businesses ensure they integrate and deliver sustainable practices throughout their […]

10 Black Friday AM Reads

My end of week morning train WFH reads: • Beat Black Friday Traps with Six Expert Behavioural Money Tips Shoppers will spend billions during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Retailers use a host of tricks to encourage you to buy what might not be the best deal. These behavioral nudges risk costing you […]

More pieces of IKEA's sustainability puzzle come together

IKEA Baltimore location / Credit: Distributed Solar Development The global retail giant is beefing up its take-back service to mark Black Friday, but its sweeping sustainability plans extend far beyond recycling and re-use Black Friday is upon us. For IKEA, that marks the expanded launch of a program to buy back furniture in an effort […]

Upstart Hazel finds cachet for innovative sachets that extend produce shelf life

In 2017, Hazel Technologies was a plucky young startup with enough scientific success to raise $800,000 in seed funding and score a $600,000 development grant from the US Department of Agriculture. In late 2020, the company is finding early commercial success in its mission to decrease food waste through its innovative packaging. Hazel creates packaging inserts, or sachets, […]

‘Tokenized’: Inside Black Workers’ Struggles at Coinbase

SAN FRANCISCO — One by one, they left. Some quit. Others were fired. All were Black. The 15 people worked at Coinbase, the most valuable U.S. cryptocurrency start-up, where they represented roughly three-quarters of the Black employees at the 600-person company. Before leaving in late 2018 and early 2019, at least 11 of them informed […]

The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism

Lately, Sam Jacobs has been having a lot of conversations with his family’s lawyers. He’s trying to gain access to more of his $30 million trust fund. At 25, he’s hit the age when many heirs can blow their money on harebrained businesses or a stable of sports cars. He doesn’t want to do that, […]

Can Cannabis Farms Weather Wildfire Season?

In 2013, Joy Hollingsworth moved with her family from Seattle out to the country with a plan to build a cannabis business. Washington State had recently legalized recreational marijuana, and Barack Obama had just been re-elected. For Ms. Hollingsworth, a former basketball player, and her brother, Raft Hollingsworth III, a former University of Washington student […]

Bannon, le magnat chinois et le virus: comment ils créèrent une star des médias de droite

Au départ, la Dre Li-Meng Yan souhaitait garder l’anonymat. C’était la mi-janvier, et la jeune femme, chercheuse à Hong Kong, avait commencé à entendre des rumeurs au sujet de l’émergence en Chine continentale d’un virus nouveau et dangereux, dont le gouvernement minimisait l’importance. Craignant pour sa sécurité personnelle et sa carrière, elle contacta son animateur […]


There seems to be little to report on Brexit, which is not at all good given how little negotiating runway remains. The Independent and the Financial Times said that Michel Barnier wouldn’t come to London for the Friday session unless the UK showed some movement in its positions. Per the pink paper: An EU official […]

Bryan Caplan on the cost of Covid

Here is Bryan’s post, here is one bit: Taking quality of life into account, how many life-years has the reaction to COVID destroyed?… Upshot: The total cost of all COVID prevention has very likely exceeded the total benefit of all COVID prevention. I don’t agree with Bryan’s numbers, but the more important point is one of […]

The Gospel of Capitalism is the Biggest Turkey of All

Yves here. This post describes Eugene McCarraher’s contention that modern capitalism has assumed many of the features of religion. And it’s not hard to find plenty of corroboration, one being the sense of moral outrage about defaulting on debt…..which goes back well before the industrial era. For instance, consider Michael Hudson’s work on debt jubilees […]

Briefly Noted for 2020-11-26

Sully Prudhomme: Le Vase Brisé (The Broken Vase) https://onbeing.org/poetry/le-vase-brise-broken-vase/… Jay Rosen: https://twitter.com/jayrosen_nyu/status/1329582924728037376: The GOP’s verified account sent this out. That he won in a landslide. Here, I think, the party made official its break with American democracy. Not saying it wasn’t apparent before. It was. Just more official now. As ridiculous as Sydney Powell is, […]

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.us, This past year in numerous countries the public is being bombarded with lessons in power and control that have been forgotten for generations. I think the majority of westerners in particular have long believed themselves “safe” from totalitarian government, from collectivist micro-management and from communistic cultism. They thought we […]

Solomon Islands PM Defends Temporary Facebook Ban 

Last week, the Solomon Islands government approved a temporary block of social media website Facebook across the tiny island nation of 650,000, a move that top government officials said would protect people from cyberbullying and online defamation, according to Australian ABC. By Monday, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare doubled-down on his government’s temporary measure to block the […]

Joe Biden: Return Of The CFR

Submitted by Swiss Policy Research, A Joe Biden presidency means a “return to normality” simply because it means a return of the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In 2008, Barack Obama received the names of his entire future cabinet already one month prior to his election by CFR Senior Fellow (and Citigroup banker) Michael […]

Future Homes Standard: No time like 2023

A target for all new homes to be built without fossil fuel heating was initially announced, then de-announced, for 2023 – but how realistic is that target date, ponders ECIU’s Jess Ralston Underneath the headlines on electric cars, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Prime Ministers 10-point-plan was the announcement and then de-announcement […]

EU watchdog slams Commission for appointing BlackRock as ESG finance advisor

European Ombudsman calls on EU to update its conflict of interest guidelines for procurement contracts following its decision to hire a business division of world’s leading fossil fuel financier to develop ESG banking regulation study The European Union’s watchdog has ruled the European Commission failed to adequately consider conflicts of interest when it appointed BlackRock […]

Backtracking: More rail projects awarded funding through Beeching cuts reversal programme

Department for Transport announces second round of winners from the ‘ideas fund’ for its Restoring Your Railway Fund, geared at resuscitating mothballed railway lines and stations Fifteen communities across the UK have clinched government funding to support plans to revive railways lines and stations shuttered during the infamous Beeching cuts that slashed Britain’s railway network […]

Italian gas giant Snam targets carbon neutrality by 2040

Europe’s biggest gas pipeline company unveils multi-billion Euro investment plan to transition to hydrogen and biomethane Italian gas and energy infrastructure giant Snam has set its sights on becoming a carbon neutral company by 2040, pledging to invest €7.5bn over the next four years in hydrogen, biomethane, energy efficiency, and digitisation to help drive its […]

Level UP With LinkedIn Live

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Millions of professionals worldwide are already using LinkedIn but a feature that is still in beta and very few influencers have access to is LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Live is LinkedIn’s live streaming option that is focused on business content and smart conversation.  Unlike Facebook live, in […]

This was a thing, yes it was, that was then, this is now

Initially founded in 1962, the Anti-Digit Dialing League quickly became the premiere sensible dialing association organization in the United States of America. Nearly 60 years later, the problems this country’s phone network faces are direr than ever. While we continue to espouse the use of 2L+5N dialing over all-number calling whenever possible, our primary aim […]