SCCG Management and the Shank Marketing announce Partnership

SCCG Management and Shank Marketing announce Partnership for iGaming and Sports Betting Markets LAS VEGAS, NV, Apr 8, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – SCCG Management and Shank Marketing are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to create a bridge between land-based casino marketing strategies and sports betting, online gambling, and social casino products available in […]

Crypto wagering for online sports betting now legal in Wyoming

Wyoming has passed a new law legalizing online sports betting in the state with gamblers able to fund their accounts with bookmakers using cryptocurrencies. Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 133 into law on Monday, with new guidelines expected to take effect from Sept. 1. The move sees Wyoming becoming the second state in the […]

Can a digital pound CBDC retake London’s financial hub status post-Brexit?

A financial think tank has suggested that Britain should adopt a digital pound in an effort to strengthen London’s status as a global trade center in the wake of Brexit. Previously the gravitational center-point of Europe’s financial sector, London saw much of its influence lost at the end of 2020 when Britain’s exit from the […]

The major Ethereum support area is $1,800 but weaker than Bitcoin‘s — Analyst

The price of Ether (ETH) is hovering near its all-time high once again, while Bitcoin (BTC) is still far from surpassing its record high at $60,805. But despite ETH demonstrating strong technical momentum and entering price discovery, on-chain analysis finds that its support is “narrower” than Bitcoin’s. Simply put, ETH faces a bigger risk of […]

Augur: Predicting The Future With A Cryptocurrency?

Maximilian PerkmannApr 9 · 5 min read A cryptocurrency that can predict the future? Sounds a lot like science fiction. After all, we all know that you need a DeLorean DMC-12 to travel to the future. .. and those are hard to get there days. Augur wants to use the phenomenon of swarm intelligence to […]

Ebang refutes Bitcoin ‘China Hustle’ claims as share price falls 20%

The share price of Chinese Bitcoin mining company Ebang continues to fall, while the firm refutes claims made in a Hindenburg Research report that alleged it was pilfering American investors’ cash. The Hindenburg Research report, published on Tuesday, described Ebang as “simply the latest chapter in the ‘China Hustle’ disguised as a Bitcoin mining play.” The […]

Sri Lanka’s central bank warns public against risks of crypto investment

Sri Lanka’s central bank has taken the 2021 crypto bull market as an opportune time to warn the public against the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. In a public notice published on Friday, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka flagged three types of crypto activities: cryptocurrency mining, investment in initial coin offerings and trading via cryptocurrency […]

Meitu now holds $100 million in BTC and Ether after latest Bitcoin purchase

Hong Kong tech company Meitu has taken the total value of its cryptocurrency holdings to approximately $100 million after the firm disclosed the purchase of an additional $10 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) on Thursday. Meitu HK, the wholly-owned Hong Kong subsidiary of Meitu Inc (incorporated in the Cayman Islands), acquired 175.67798279 units of Bitcoin […]

Chiliz: Crypto, NFTs & Sports Fans — Ultimate Combo?

CRYPTO PROJECT RESEARCHFan tokens, NFTs, powerful community. How will summarize CHZ with a short explanation?Selcuk AslantasApr 9 · 19 min read Have you been searching for that killer app that has the potential to open the floodgates and bring hundreds of millions of people into crypto? Needless to say, that elusive unicorn would likely be […]

Ledger faces class action from phishing scam victims

Ledger and Shopify have been hit by a class-action lawsuit over a major data breach that saw the personal data of 270,000 hard wallet customers stolen between April and June 2020. Phishing scam victims John Chu and Edward Baton filed the lawsuit in California against the crypto wallet provider and its e-commerce partner Shopify on Tuesday. The […]

What is Secret Network?

A look into a project setting the foundation for a private, decentralized web.Alexandra MartinezApr 9 · 5 min readSource: I think privacy is extremely important, especially on the internet. When you think about how much data can be collected, even from performing seemingly unimportant tasks, it can be disconcerting. Privacy coins have always interested […]

'ETH has outperformed BTC by 250% since inception': Raoul Pal triggers debate

Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal has sparked a spirited debate after predicting that Ethereum and other coins with “network effects” will outperform Bitcoin over time. Pal shared a chart of Ether’s price relative to BTC since Aug. 7, 2015 —  six years after Bitcoin was created — showing that “ETH has outperformed BTC by […]

Fidelity’s Tom Jessop says crypto has hit a ‘tipping point’

Executives at investment giant Fidelity are confident that cryptocurrency market momentum will continue for the foreseeable future. Speaking to MarketWatch on April 8, Tom Jessop who heads the investment firm’s crypto division said that he believes crypto has opened a new chapter in traditional finance circles and things have reached a tipping point for the […]

Signal under fire over MobileCoin partnership

Controversy surrounds Signal’s recently announced MobileCoin integration, with users expressing concerns over ties between Signal’s founder and the cryptocurrency, opacity surrounding the coin’s issuance, and suspicious gains leading up to the partnership’s announcement. Signal is an encrypted messaging application that has been embraced by the privacy and security-conscious community since launching as Open Whisper Systems […]

Exchange tokens rally ahead of next week’s long-awaited Coinbase IPO

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) have received increased attention over the past couple of months as excitement builds over Coinbase’s April 14 NASDAQ listing and the exchange’s recent announcement that it pulled in $1.8 billion in revenue during the first quarter of 2021.  Even as decentralized finance (DeFi) and popular decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Uniswap (UNI) and […]

Badger DAO integrates with institutional DeFi gateway Fireblocks

In a blog post today, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Badger DAO announced a forthcoming integration with Fireblocks, a digital asset storage, management, and DeFi on-ramp for institutional investors.  “We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Fireblocks and BadgerDAO to enable their 200+ institutional clients to securely hold Badger assets on their platform and put […]

Robinhood’s crypto business explodes in the first quarter despite GameStop controversy

Robinhood, a popular trading app targeting millennials and other inexperienced investors, has become a major hub for cryptocurrencies, offering further evidence that digital assets are garnering mainstream appeal.  The company reported Thursday that 9.5 million users traded digital assets on its platform during the first quarter of 2021 – a six-fold increase from the previous […]

NYDIG raises $100 million and launches 'Bitcoin-powered' insurance initiative

New York Digital Investment Group announced the completion of a growth capital funding round as well as the launch of a business initiative relating to Bitcoin. In an announcement today, the New York Digital Investment Group, or NYDG, said it had secured $100 million in funding from major insurance providers including Starr Insurance, Liberty Mutual […]

How will Sora’s price perform after the launch of Polkaswap?

In a recent investment thesis on the coin Sora (XOR), the Cointelegraph Research team explored the current state of the DeFi industry, highlighting the biggest challenges that the industry is facing right now. The two largest problems are scalability and the segregation of multiple blockchains that exist independently and cannot share information between one another. […]

Alliance of major firms aims to reduce crypto's carbon footprint

A group of more than 20 firms comprising crypto, finance, technology, energy, and non-government organizations has banded together to focus on the environmental impact of cryptocurrency. In an announcement today, the Crypto Climate Accord — reportedly inspired by the 195-signatory Paris Climate Agreement — said it aims to address the “large and growing energy consumption […]

1inch, Celsius (CEL) and PancakeSwap (CAKE) rally as traders return to DeFi

Bitcoin’s (BTC) range-bound action since its breakdown at the $61,000 level has confused analysts. Some are projecting that a sharper correction could be in development while others remain steadfast in their belief that the uptrend will resume shortly. According to data from Ecoinometrics, history suggests that Bitcoin price breaks out between 300 and 350 days following a […]

1inch announces rebrand to ‘1inch Network,’ laying groundwork for expansion

Decentralized finance platform 1inch announced on Thursday a rebrand to “1inch Network” — a facelift designed to better reflect the current and future state of the multichain, multiprotocol platform as it continues to grow, according to 1inch co-founder Sergej Kunz. “For us it is a logical move. Me and Anton started with just an aggregation […]

Ether price takes on Bitcoin — What’s behind the sharp rise in demand?

Breaking new all-time highs, the recent price action of Ether (ETH) took the crypto market by storm and signaled an official start to alt season. Several analysts are predicting that Ether will surpass its previous all-time high of $2,130 and continue to outperform Bitcoin in the foreseeable future.  Price predictions aside, Ethereum is undeniably leading […]

Riot Blockchain is set to acquire a Texas data facility for $650M

Riot Blockchain is continuing its Bitcoin (BTC) mining expansion efforts. Reports suggest that the U.S.-based miner is set to purchase Whinstone US Inc, currently owned by Northern Data. The planned purchase was announced via a press release by Riot Blockchain on Thursday, with the U.S. Bitcoin miner paying $80 million in cash. The remainder will […]

US must embrace Bitcoin to counter Chinese 'financial attack' — Pomp

Bitcoin (BTC) can undermine the U.S. dollar if the United States does not take a lead role in accepting it, argues Anthony Pompliano. Speaking to CNBC on April 8, the Morgan Creek Digital co-founder followed up on a warning from investor Peter Thiel that China could use Bitcoin to destabilize USD hegemony. Thiel cautions over […]

Vesta Equity and Algorand breathe new life into real estate tokenization

Global equity marketplace Vesta Equity has chosen the Algorand blockchain to launch its new real estate tokenization services, disrupting a decades-old industry and opening up the possibility for homeowners to convert their equity into digital assets. Under the new partnership, Vesta will utilize Algorand to further disintermediate the numerous parties involved in the traditional home […]

Bitstamp crypto exchange hires former Barclays exec as new COO

U.K.-based crypto exchange Bitstamp has hired a former director of financial services company Barclays’ payments team as its chief operating officer. In an announcement today, Bistamp said it would be appointing Sameer Dubey to the executive position as part of its effort to scale across the firm’s businesses. Dubey worked as the director of the […]

Dex Leader MDEX Integrates Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

SINGAPORE, April 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a bid to expand its ecosystem, leading decentralized exchange MDEX has integrated Binance Smart Chain (BSC), officially completing the deployment today April 8 at 8.30 PM (UTC + 8). Five seconds after integration, MDEX reports a TVL (Total Value Locked) of more than USD 0.5 billion. The BSC integration includes functionality […]

Bitcoin exchanges just saw massive Tether stablecoin deposits

Nearly half a billion in Tether (USDT) inflows were recorded on April 8 across major Bitcoin (BTC) exchanges, based on Glassnode data. Considering that the inflows, the biggest since mid-March, coincided with a minor Bitcoin pullback, it indicates that buyers could be waiting to step in following BTC’s price drop. Stablecoin deposits into exchanges. Source: […]

Equilibrium raises $2.5M to secure support for Polkadot parachain bid

Equilibrium, a Polkadot-based decentralized finance project and parachain candidate, has raised $2.5 million from a number of venture funds primarily involved in the Polkadot ecosystem. Heavy Polkadot backers like KR1, Signum Capital and Hypersphere Ventures joined Equilibrium’s round. Other participants from the general crypto investment ecosystem include OKEx’s Block Dream Fund, Genesis Block Ventures, CMS […]

Kraken’s First Brink Grantee Will Fuel Bitcoin Rust Development

Kraken is pleased to announce Alekos Filini has been named the first beneficiary of our donation to the Brink Bitcoin research and development center. Launched last November, Brink received $150,000 in support from Kraken Grants, funds that will be allocated by Brink’s independent board over the coming year to individuals working on bolstering Bitcoin’s essential […]

State Street to provide tech for institutional Bitcoin trading platform

State Street, the second-oldest operating bank in the United States, is moving into the cryptocurrency industry by agreeing to provide its technology for a new crypto trading platform. Currenex, a foreign exchange technology provider owned by State Street, has entered into an agreement with crypto firm Puremarkets to provide its trading infrastructure and tech for […]

Asia Broadband to Appoint New Management in the Coming Weeks

LAS VEGAS, April 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Asia Broadband Inc. (OTC: AABB) (“AABB” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company is finalizing the appointments of new management personnel this month. As AABB moves forward with the development and expansion of mining operations, AABBG gold-backed cryptocurrency and administration initiatives, the Company requires added expertise […]

C.R.E.A.M. launches Iron Bank flash loans, eyes cross-chain capital efficiency

In a press release today, C.R.E.A.M. Finance announced a new feature for (and, by proxy, an unofficial relaunch of) Iron Bank, the protocol-to-protocol lending platform designed for flash and undercollateralized loans.  C.R.E.A.M., which founder Leo Cheng describes as “the yolo-est Compound fork,” is a money market designed to cover assets that are “underserved” and allow […]

Citi and IADB complete cross-border payment pilot with blockchain tech

Banking giant Citigroup has successfully completed a proof-of-concept for blockchain-based cross-border payments in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, or IADB. According to a Thursday announcement, Citigroup’s Citi Innovation Labs and the IADB enabled several disbursements from the United States to a recipient in the Dominican Republic, using the LACChain blockchain network — a proprietary […]

Atari creates new blockchain division amid leadership shuffle

Atari has announced the creation of a new blockchain division as part of an organizational shuffle within the company. In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the gaming behemoth revealed the creation of two new divisions — Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain. The former will focus on continuing the developmental work on Atari’s catalog of […]