Australia Conducts It's “Largest Amphibious Assult Since WWII”

A joint Australian-U.S. military exercise, called Talisman Sabre 2019, will continue through early August following this week’s Australian-led amphibious landing at Langham Beach, Queensland, Australia, reported Naval Today. Forces from around the world (the U.S., New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Japan) practiced one of the most massive beach assault since World War II off the […]

The Race For The Moon Continues

On July 21, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to set foot on the moon. Ten more Apollo astronauts followed in their footsteps until 1972 but since then, no human has set foot on Earth’s closest companion in space. Fifty years later, the race for the moon is starting anew with several […]

Demonocracy: The Great Human Scourge!

Via, Introduction One cannot speak too highly of Christophe Buffin de Chosal’s The End of Democracy.  In a fast paced, readable, yet scholarly fashion, Professor Buffin de Chosal* demolishes the ideological justification in which modern democracy rests while he describes the disastrous effects that democratic rule has had on Western societies.  He explodes the myth […]

Black Homeownership Plunges To All-Time-Low Despite Record-Low Unemployment

One of President Trump’s favorite talking points is promoting how his economic policies have lifted all Americans. He routinely cites the record low rate of black unemployment and how the economy is the “greatest ever.” — President Trump tweeted Jan. 2018 “African American unemployment has reached its lowest rate ever recorded — ever! Ever! Remember […]

Absolute Power Molests Absolutely

Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The Jeffrey Epstein child molestation case made big headlines because of just how close he is to many in power or at least with great pull in Washington and the fact that he had already been busted and possibly used said pull to stay out of jail certainly […]

“Please Don’t Flush Your Drugs M’kay.” Tennessee Police Warn Of “Meth-Gators”

A Tennessee police department has published a warning on social media to its residents: “Folks…please don’t flush your drugs m’kay,” such as methamphetamine — because this could trigger aggressive “meth-gators.” The warning was published on Facebook, with a post-dated July 13, by the Loretto Police Department who described how officers executed a search warrant on […]

US Navy Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Strait Of Hormuz; Iran Denies

Update: In response to President Trump’s announcement earlier in the day that a U.S. Navy ship had “destroyed” an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he was not aware of any downing, according to Reuters: “We have no information about losing a drone today,” Zarif […]

Defense Contractors Are Tightening Their Grip On Our Government

Authored by William Hartung via, When, in his farewell address in 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the dangers of the “unwarranted influence” wielded by the “military-industrial complex,” he could never have dreamed of an arms-making corporation of the size and political clout of Lockheed Martin. In a good year, it now receives […]

Billionaire Row's Condos See Price Hikes Despite Ultra-Luxury Sales Declining

Despite an overall glut in luxury apartments in Manhattan, apartments on Billionaire’s Row are rising in price regardless, according to Bloomberg. Developer Michael Stern, who co-developed 111 W. 57th St. is hiking prices on eight units in the middle of the tower from $1 million to $1.75 million on apartments that are priced between $27 million […]

Chinese Capital Outflows Spike, Highest In 10 Months

One of the more confusing discrepancies in recent months was how, despite the weakening in the yuan and the escalating trade war between the US and China, there was virtually no drop in Chinese (official) reserves and thus, no capital flight. Well, “confusion no more”, because as Goldman points out, amid the lingering trade tensions […]

Feds Signal No New Charges In Trump 'Hush-Money' Probe, Cohen Lawyer Displeased

If you glimpsed at the headlines across the mainstream media, you would think a “smoking gun” had been discovered in the newly released unredacted documents related to possible campaign finance violations and ‘hush-money’ payments. As NBC News reports, the documents, released Thursday, describe a “series of calls, text messages, and emails” between Cohen, Trump, Trump […]

60% Of Global Stocks Underperformed T-Bills, Study Shows

A couple of years back, we reported on a study by Arizona State University professor Hendrik Bessembinder which delivered a conclusion that might be surprising to retail investors, if less so for those who have been paying close attention to markets during the prior years: In a study of 26,000 stocks traded in the US […]

Who In The World Is Most Interested In Facebook's Libra (It's Not Who You Think)

After two days of grilling by US politicians (including demands for a moratorium and fearmongering of the end of banking and the ease of funding terrorism) and endless byelines supporting and denigrating Facebook’s new digital currency concept, Libra, one would suspect that it is Americans that should be most interested in Zuckerberg’s latest idea for […]

Debt & The Failure Of Monetary Policy To Stimulate Growth

Authored by Lance Roberts via, A fascinating graphic was recently produced by Oxford Economics showing compounded economic growth rates over time. What should immediately jump out at you is that the compounded rate of growth of the U.S. economy was fairly stable between 1950 and the mid-1980s. However, since then, there has been a […]

Epstein Denied Bail; Financier Will Remain In Tiny Cell Until Hearing

Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail on Thursday despite his legal team’s best efforts to convince SDNY Judge Richard M. Berman that he isn’t a flight risk.  Judge Berman cites evidence of intimidation and evidence of Epstein missing sex-offender check-ins. Also cites “sexually explicit photos” and “expired Austrian passport” with Epstein’s photo, not his name, and […]

Pentagon Fears Turkey To Retaliate Against US Troops In Syria Over New Sanctions

As expected, Turkey blasted the White House’s prior day announcement that it has killed Turkey’s involvement in the F-35 joint strike fighter program after Ankara received a first batch of S-400 Russian-made air defense components starting last week. Turkey’s foreign ministry called on the US to rectify its “mistake”. “This unilateral step is incompatible with the spirit of alliance and […]

Cryptos Suddenly Panic-Bid, Bitcoin Back Above $10k

Following further selling pressure overnight, someone (or more than one) has decided to buy-the-dip in cryptos this morning, sending Bitcoin (and most of the altcoins) soaring… A sea of green… Source: Coin360 Bitcoin surged back above $10,000… Ethereum bounced off support at its flash-crash lows… But Litecoin is outperforming on the day… As CoinTelegraph notes, […]

Secret US Nuke Locations In Europe Accidentally Dumped Online By NATO Committee

An embarrassing gaffe has severely compromised NATO defense security and readiness after a public document inadvertently revealed too much.  A NATO affiliate body called the Defense and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly published a draft report last April entitled, “A new era for nuclear deterrence? Modernization, arms control and allied nuclear forces,” specifically authored by a […]

Social Media, Not Video Games, Linked To Teen Depression

The use of social media has been linked to an increase in depressive symptoms in teenagers, according to researchers at Montreal’s Sainte-Justine Hospital, according to the CBC.  In a new study led by University of Montreal psychiatry professor Patricia Conrod, adolescents were studied over a four-year period to investigate the relationship between depression and various forms […]

“Wipe The Soviet Union Off The Map” – Planned US Nuclear Attack Against USSR

Via, This video is based on the research of Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG); The video was originally released in December 2017 Below is the full text of Professor Chossudovsky’ article published by Global Research According to a secret document dated September 15, 1945, “the Pentagon had envisaged blowing up the Soviet Union  with […]

Ex-Fox & Friends Co-Host Flees US Amid Ponzi Scheme Allegations

Ex-Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris has fled the country with his family amid more than two-dozen lawsuits alleging he committed real estate fraud, reported IndyStar. According to Natali Morris, Clayton’s wife and a former news anchor with MSNBC, the family moved last month from their $1.4 million mansion in New Jersey to a coastal […]

Humanity Is Creating Its Own AI Overlord

Authored by Dagny Taggart via The Organic Prepper blog, Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should… That is an expression I often quote in reference to various things people are doing and creating. When I hear about new AI capabilities and developments, it comes to mind. Artificial Intelligence is developing at breakneck speed. While many […]

Despite Best First Half In A Decade For Hedge Funds, Fees Continue To Fall

Even though hedge fund performance has rebounded this year, with big-name managers like David Einhorn and Bill Ackman and macro icons such as Brevan Howard finally putting several years of misery behind them, fees are still dwindling, according to Bloomberg. The average management fee charged by new hedge funds globally in the first half of 2019 […]

Complexities Of 5G & National Security

Authored by Renee Parsons via, In case you missed the kickoff, there is an unprecedented ‘must win’ wireless race for the US to cross the 5G finish line before China as alluded to during the recent Senate Commerce Committee oversight hearing on the Federal Commerce Commission. The details were thin with no real discussion on the […]

Neuralink Offers Update On Elon Musk's Plan To Bore Tunnels Into Your Brain

Elon Musk’s plans to merge computers with people’s brains were on full display yesterday during Musk’s presentation updating the public on what brain-computer interface company Neuralink has been up to. Or, as one astute Fin Twit observer put it: 1/ To all the neuroscientists in the world: Welcome to $TSLAQ. You’ve just had what’s known […]

Martyr For The Cause – Domestic Terrorism Via Antifa

Authored by Charles “Sam” Faddis via, Occupy ICE Vigil “Call from Occupy ICE PDX for a vigil outside of the Portland ICE Detention Center on July 17th. On July 17th, at 8:30pm OccupyICEpdx will be hosting an outdoor vigil beside Portland’s ICE Detention Center located at 4310 SW Macadam Ave.  Join us as we remember a […]

76 Billion Opioid Pills: Bombshell Report Unmasks Who Is Responsible For Epidemic 

US District Judge Dan Polster presiding over nationwide opioid litigation dismissed an order that now allows the general public, for the first time ever, to examine opioid sales from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (ARCOS) that details how the opioid epidemic exploded into almost every community across the US […]

El Chapo Gets Life Sentence For Moving “Mountains Of Cocaine”; Likely Headed To Colorado 'Supermax'

The notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been handed a life sentence to be served out in a US prison by a federal judge in Brooklyn on Wednesday, five months following his initial conviction after the 2017 extradition from Mexico which grabbed world headlines.  The 62-year-old drug lord had previously twice escaped Mexican prisons before being brought […]

Tesla Claims Secret Project Has Fallen Into Chinese Rival's Hands

Authored by John LeSage via, Tesla and Apple both suspect that their self-driving car technology has been stolen by engineers who went over to a Chinese competitor. That’s a very time-sensitive claim, with intellectual property theft being a central issue in President Donald Trump’s intense trade war against China. The electric carmaker filed a lawsuit […]

Searches For “Canceling Amazon Prime” Soar 18X On Prime Day

If this one piece of unscientific, preliminary data is to be believed, Amazon’s Prime Day may have finally hit a speed bump. According to Bloomberg, internet searches for the term “canceling Amazon prime” were 18 times higher at the beginning of Amazon‘s two day sale than the previous day. The data could suggest that shoppers are […]

Global Central Banks “Are Trapped By Their Own Inflation Targets”

Authored by Richard Breslow via Bloomberg, Negative Rates Would Lead To #Chaos Central bankers attending the G-7 meeting are sounding remarkably coordinated in their message. The global economy is growing but inflation isn’t. And that, along with the oft-cited global headwinds, means they’re ready and able to add more liquidity to the system. In the […]

Boeing Thinks A Human Life Is Worth Just $150,000

Two weeks ago, we noted how, after ignoring them for months (presumably at the behest of its legal department), Boeing had decided to dedicate $100 million (roughly 1% of its 2018 revenue) to the families of the victims from the Lion Air and Ethiopian Air crashes. However, that number came with a catch: Some of […]

House To Vote On Articles Of Impeachment Wednesday

After Texas Rep. Al Green introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump for the third time yesterday, House Democrats are preparing to vote on Wednesday afternoon on whether to move forward with the process, Politico reports. While this is Green’s third time introducing letters of impeachment, it’s the first time since Democrats took control of […]

Merkel Ally Narrowly Elected To Top EU Post, Averting “Major Institutional Crisis”

Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen, considered a key and close ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been narrowly elected president of the EU Commission, becoming the first woman to fill Europe’s most powerful policy-making post, and the first German at the helm in over half a century.  The 60-year old center-right German defense minister will replace Commission President Jean-Claude […]

Trump Risks China-Taiwan Conflict For Leverage In Trade War

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The Trump administration last week cut its fourth and biggest arms sale to Taiwan, sparking a furious condemnation from Beijing that the US was undermining its sovereignty and “grossly interfering in China’s internal affairs”. The weapons deal reportedly worth some $2.2 billion is expected to be given final […]

This Is How You Will Pay For Things In 2025

A startup in Sweden called Biohax International has microchipped more than 4,000 people across the country who can use their hands to open secured doors, replace credit cards and cash, pay for transportation tickets, and share emergency information with medical personnel, reported New York Post. The microchip is about the size of a grain of […]

China's New Icebreaker Ship Ready For 'Polar Silk Road' 

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative to the Arctic was outlined last year in an official Arctic policy white paper that detailed China’s push to build infrastructure and conduct commercial shipping travel in the Arctic. China hopes to establish a ‘Polar Silk Road‘ through developing the Northern Sea Route would save commercial vessels […]

The World Needs A Water Treaty

Authored by Conn Hallinan via, During the face-off earlier this year between India and Pakistan over a terrorist attack that killed more than 40 Indian paramilitaries in Kashmir, New Delhi made an existential threat to Islamabad. The weapon was not India’s considerable nuclear arsenal, but one still capable of inflicting ruinous destruction: water. “Our government has […]

In Support Of Judy Shelton's Nomination To The Fed

Authored by Mark Hendrickson via The Epoch Times, With President Donald Trump’s two previous nominees to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors – Stephen Moore and Herman Cain – having withdrawn in the face of stiff resistance in the Senate, the president has nominated two economists – Judy Shelton and Christopher Waller – to those posts. Waller’s […]

Congress Courageously Sticks US Taxpayers WIth A $6 Trillion Liability

Authored by Simon Black via, There seems to be an unwritten rule with lawmakers that, every time they create a terrible piece of legislation, they give it the most noble-sounding name. The USA PATRIOT Act from 2001 was a great example. It sounds great. Who wouldn’t love a law named for Patriots? And yet […]