Abortion Rights: OkCupid Features “Pro-Choice” Badge

Users now have the option to add a “pro-choice” badge to their profiles. The dating service OkCupid has introduced a way for users to clearly indicate their support of abortion rights: a “pro-choice” badge that appears prominently in a dating profile. Melissa Hobley, OkCupid’s chief marketing officer, said the feature was created in response to […]

Startup Aims To Help U.S. Immigrants Navigate The Banking System

More than 1 million immigrants arrive in the U.S. every year, according to the Pew Research Center. For most of them, no matter where they come from, navigating the unfamiliar and complex financial system is a particularly onerous task. That includes anything from establishing a credit score to opening a bank account. A growing number […]

How To Prepare For The Coming AI Explosion In Business

Nate Nead is the CEO of DEV.co and SEO.co. Nate and his teams specialize in custom software development, web design and digital marketing.  Artificial intelligence (AI) conjures a lot of unique imagery depending on your background and how much exposure to the topic you’ve had. For some people, AI looks and feels like something out of The […]

Zen And The Art Of Strategy: Taking A Corporate Strategic Retreat

Beth Jannery worked for a Fortune 100 Company and advises about Strategic Communications and Workforce Trends for high-growth clients.   “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” These are the famous words from Sun Tzu, best known for The Art of War. But what opportunity? Right now, company leaders may be experiencing chaos. When leaders […]

Building A Blueprint To Scale Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Co-Founder and CEO of Group14 Technologies, a battery materials company developing silicon-carbon composite material for lithium-ion markets More and more, the strategic conversations of global automakers today involve the inevitable shift to the battery-powered, electric powertrain of the future. As automotive OEMs continue to search for the best battery technologies to enable higher-performing (yet reasonably priced) […]

Business Lessons From Hiking The Raglan Range

COO, N. America for Railsbank | 3X BaaS FinTech Exec | @Currencycloud @Green Dot BaaS @Railsbank Let me tell you a story that changed how I approach taking on tough challenges in business. Five years ago, I was in the Raglan Range of New Zealand with only a paper map and 60 pounds of gear in my […]

Supply Chains 4.0 And The Global South

CEO of Smartlink Communications. Global analyst, consultant and trainer, passionate about leadership, global communications and competition. The mark of the current world is perhaps less the emergence of artificial intelligence or genetic engineering, which have been very much around for well over half a century, and more the global supply chain.   Quite simply, never before at […]

The First Steps To Take When A Breach Of Contract Occurs

Shareholder/Founding Partner at Hart David Carson LLP, representing & counseling mid-market, pre-IPO companies. Contracts are an essential part of any business operation, and unfortunately, that means a breach of contract is always a possibility. If this happens, it’s important to know what your first steps should be to resolve the situation. Here are five steps to […]

How Digital Tools Could Make Measurement-Based Behavioral Healthcare Possible

Founder and CEO at Ellipsis Health Measurement-based care has transformed the identification and management of physical health diagnoses. By the 1950s, blood pressure cuffs became the standard of care for monitoring high blood pressure, contributing to the significant reduction of deaths due to heart disease. Glucose test strips, first introduced in the mid-1960s, were able to […]

What Millennial Professionals Need To Know About Life Insurance

Adam Erlebacher is Co-Founder & CEO of Fabric, a life insurance innovator that helps families protect their long-term financial well-being.  As we continue making adjustments because of Covid-19, a lot of people are taking inventory of their lives. Work, school and family dynamics have changed, and many millennials (who are beginning to turn 40 in 2021) […]

How Tax Giants Write Their Own Rules

The biggest accounting firms take advantage of the government’s revolving door. Behind the columns at the Treasury Department, a revolving door.Stefani Reynolds for The New York TimesTaxing times There’s a well-oiled revolving door between the largest accounting firms in the U.S. and the Treasury Department, The Times’s Jesse Drucker and Danny Hakim report. The cycling […]

Moody's announces revised 2040 net zero target

Moody’s will aim to hit net zero emissions a decade earlier than previously planned, the company announced today. The credit ratings agency and risk management group said it will work to reduce emissions across its operations and value chain to net zero by 2040, aligning its commitment with its published Decarbonisation Plan. As part of […]

Best Practices For Ensuring Automation Enhances The Employee Experience

U.S. Chief Operation Officer at Esker, Steve Smith is responsible for all operations in North, South and Latin America. When it comes to increasing the speed, efficiency and accuracy of an organization’s internal processes, few CFOs will disagree that automation can help. And when implemented properly, process automation can raise more than just productivity and cost […]

Build Up Your People To Build A Successful Business

By Jean Ginzburg, Founder & CEO of Ginball | Accelerating digital marketing for tech companies | Faster growth | Increased profits | Expand brand recognition. Building a business is not just about making the most out of your capital and finding efficient ways to earn profit. It’s also about how well you handle your team […]

BT dials forward net zero goals to 2030

Communications giant BT Group is set to slash its carbon emissions sooner than planned, as part of an updated set of net zero targets. The tech giant today announced it is aiming to hit net zero emissions for its own operational emissions – known as Scope 1 and 2 – by 2030 for its own […]

With ‘The Crown,’ Netflix Finally Takes the Emmys Throne

The lush Netflix series chronicling the British royal family took home the four major acting awards as well as best drama. “Ted Lasso,” on Apple TV+, and “Mare of Easttown,” on HBO, also scored numerous wins. At long last, the streaming platforms were triumphant at the Emmys, with Netflix and AppleTV+ taking major awards in […]

How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Help Clients Achieve Web Accessibility Compliance

Founder and CEO of Equally AI, a world-class, secured, convenient, and modern web accessibility experience for beneficiaries and businesses. A brand’s online footprint is central to its customer acquisition and retention efforts. As much as 80% of potential customers will research a company online before making a purchase, so a highly accessible, intuitive and comprehensive website […]

Five Tips To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

By Benjamin Rojas, president and lead developer of AIOSEO. WordPress enthusiast and software expert. Helping businesses improve their search ranking. High productivity at the workplace is a sign of a healthy business and work culture. Productivity will increase when your employees are happy, supported and have the right equipment to perform their work tasks. When […]

Global Supply Shortages Reach All the Way to a Haitian Aid Group

In the face of bewildering and enduring shortages of goods throughout the global economy, even aid organizations like food banks and clothing distributors are caught in the chaos. Many are struggling to secure what they need, amplifying scarcity in vulnerable communities. In Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries, an effort to increase household incomes […]

The River Cafe in London Gets Into the Podcast Business

LONDON — Michael Caine has been a regular at the River Cafe for decades, dining with his family, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, and always at Table 4, the most coveted seat in this celebrated Italian restaurant in Hammersmith. So, when Ruth Rogers, the River Cafe’s American-born proprietor, set about creating a new podcast […]

How Car Rentals Explain the 2021 Economy

Prices have fallen recently but not to previous levels. The industry reflects the American economy’s long, strange trip. Few markets better crystallize the topsy-turvy nature of the American economy during the pandemic than the rental car business. The industry shows how economic decisions made in 2020 keep having serious implications in 2021. While most other […]

6 Ways To Stay In Shape While Travelling For Business

If not considered ahead of time, diet and exercise can go out of the window whilst traveling for business. Airport lounges, airplane food, corporate hospitality and new routines can throw out even the most meticulous planner. But jet-setting around the world doesn’t have to come at the expense of eating and training well, there is […]

The Mannings Give TV Sports Yet Another Alternate Viewing Option

ESPN has the quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning. CBS has the slime and SpongeBob allure of Nickelodeon. A boxing upstart even got Trump. For viewers, it’s ever more options beyond just watching the game. Midway through the telecast of this N.F.L. season’s first Monday night game, Eli Manning asked his brother Peyton what he would […]

Netflix Tops HBO In Emmy Wins For First Time Ever

As cable was to broadcast during the mid-2000s to 2010s, streaming networks are quickly becoming to cable in the 2020s. The story of the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards quickly became how many awards the streamers racked up — including a historic first for Netflix NFLX , which has been an awards show darling for a […]

Rebuilding Brings Evolving Financial Perspective For Houston Rockets

This upcoming 2021-2022 NBA season would have been the first that the Houston Rockets would have qualified to pay the dreaded repeater tax, a reason provided in previous seasons as to why the franchise needed to annually shed costs, even during the heyday of James Harden’s prime. Under the rules of the league’s collective bargaining […]

How the U.S. Helped, and Hampered, the Escape of Afghan Journalists

The secretary of state cites a “massive effort” by the government, but people involved in the evacuation instead describe bureaucratic snags. As American news organizations scrambled to evacuate their Afghan journalists and their families last month, I reported that those working for The New York Times had found refuge not in New York or Washington, […]

2022 Toyota Tundra Is The Right Truck To Escape The Apocalypse

To say Toyota spent a lot of time readying the all-new Tundra is an understatement. The current version was introduced back in 2007, which even in the long product cycles of the automotive industry is a hot minute. Despite the age of the now-outgoing platform, the truck was still selling well. Toyota sold 111,673 Tundras […]

Ateez Makes Korean Sales History With Their New Album

With every new collection they release, South Korean boy group Ateez hit new highs and sell more and more copies, constantly proving themselves to be one of the hottest acts in their home nation. With their latest set, the band has not only bested their own record, but made history with one of the most […]

Emmy Awards 2021: ‘Ted Lasso’ Wins Best Comedy, ‘The Crown’ Lauded As Best Drama, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Named Best Limited Series

Television’s big night was dominated by the streaming services that have revolutionized the industry and pressed their way into millions of American homes during the pandemic. Netflix’s The Crown and Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso racked up award after award during the 73rd Prime Time Emmy awards Sunday, while Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, which sparked a […]

Monsta X Makes History In Korea With Their Latest Album Certification

Just a few days ago, Gaon, an organization based in South Korea that publishes the music charts and announces when certain titles have received special certifications for reaching notable sales thresholds, revealed its winners for the month of September. Seven albums collected certifications, and with those new wins, many of the biggest names in the […]

Green shoots: Heineken to trial low-carbon barley farming

Heineken UK has announced plans to trial more sustainable approaches for growing barley, one of the main ingredients in beer, as part of the drinks giant’s efforts to reduce its agricultural-related emissions by 33 per cent over the next 10 years. Announcing the move last week, Heineken said it has partnered with malt supplier Muntons, […]

Net Zero Festival Spotlight: Michael E. Mann, climate scientist and author

World-renowned climatologist, geophysicist, and author Michael E. Mann has been a major figure in efforts to further global understanding and awareness of human-caused climate change for decades. Mann is distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, and his work includes more than 200 peer-reviewed and edited publications on climate change, as well as […]

Demystifying food systems transformation: 10 key principles for success

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Zoom in on Net Zero – with Little Sun CEO John Heller

John Heller is the CEO of Little Sun, a social enterprise that produces solar powered LED lamps and chargers that provide clean, affordable light and power to communities without access to electric distribution networks. The charity was set up in 2012 by renowned artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen with the aim of bridging the […]

Ellipse: ENGIE debuts new 'carbon intelligence' platform

Energy and engineering giant ENGIE has today launched a new carbon intelligence platform that allows businesses to track their carbon emissions, design decarbonisation strategies, and chart their progress, in a bid to better enable corporate decarbonisation efforts. Dubbed Ellipse, the new software platform has been designed by ENGIE to integrate into existing digital systems and […]

Bridgestone sets sights on accelerating EV tyre market

Bridgestone has announced plans to expand its portfolio of tyres designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs) in partnership with leading hybrid and EV manufacturers, such as Mercedes and BMW, as it looks to tap into surging demand zero emission models. The new tyres are being tailored to meet the specific needs of EVs, including ologic […]

Evian debuts 100 per cent recycled plastic bottle

Evian water has today unveiled a new recycled plastic bottle in partnership with clean technology company Loop, marking a major step towards its goal of using 100 per cent recycled plastic in all its plastic bottles by 2025. The new bottle, named ‘evian Loop’, will roll out from the beginning of 2022, following nearly four […]

Senses Fail Wins With Joshua Tree Sessions Film Project

Senses Fail has been a band for twenty years.  They are a classic four piece band whose sound is post-hard core or emo, similar to My Chemical Romance.  Buddy Neilsen is their lead singer and for the past six years the primary songwriter for the band. The band members include Nielsen, bassist/guitarist Gavin Caswell, drummer Steve Carey, […]

The Job Market Is Hot: Now Is The Time To Build Your Career

The job market is hot right now, making this a perfect time to build your career. Employers are struggling to find and hire great talent—and as a result they are offering increasing pay, perks and opportunities. You can take advantage of the tight job market to grow in your job and get on a path […]