Target the unhappy, not the uninterested

I want to share one of the foundations of effective marketing with you today. It’s something that can help you dramatically (and quickly) increase your sales or client acquisition figures. It can also help you save time, money and focus your marketing far more effectively.  Are you ready? It starts with understanding the following. People […]

Marketing essentials: A bias for engagement

It’s hard to overstate the importance of engagement. Engagement has tremendous power. It’s the sensation we experience, when someone or something connects with us and captivates us. It creates a bond between us and them. It fosters trust and forms an extremely resilient foundation on which to build a relationship. And it’s of immense value […]

What exactly are you waiting for?

It’s midway through January, in one of the most challenging years ever for business owners. The opportunities ahead of you are huge. However, you need to get your plans into action in order to navigate the coming months and come out on top. These evergreen essentials for business success will help. Don’t wait for permission. […]

Fire your autopilot and take control!

Not long ago, these brands thought they’d arrived. They were kings of the hill. MySpace totally dominated social networking. Blockbuster video owned home video entertainment. Nokia was the world’s leading mobile phone brand. And Internet Explorer had 94% of the web browser market. Here’s what this means to you and your business, as you navigate […]

Marketing 101: From what to what?

One of the many ideas I gave to a new client on yesterday’s Marketing Mentor Session was so well received, he suggested I share it with you. He’s a long-time reader, so I took his advice. The following is a shortened version if the idea, edited to make it of wider relevance then his specific […]

Exposed: The biggest lie in marketing

The biggest lie in marketing is almost certainly not what you’re expecting. Here it is. If you ask the average, struggling business owner about marketing they will tell you the following: “I don’t have enough time for marketing”. That’s a lie.  And here are 30 examples to prove it Whether these business owners know it […]

A very valuable business lesson from Starbucks and Instagram

In today’s post, I’m going to share a strategy with you that’s used by the world’s most successful businesses. I’ll also show how I use it and explain why you should too. I’m referring to operating your business with a focused and agile mindset. Those words almost sound like opposites. But they’re not. And in […]

Outsmarting your competitors is not enough. Here’s the missing ingredient

Every business owner knows that it’s essential to outsmart their competitors. However, the most successful business owners add something extra to the mix. It’s a missing ingredient that makes all the difference. They outcare their competitors, too. For example. They care more about the success of their clients than their competitors do. They care more […]

Energy and business success: The fascinating link.

I have a question for you today. An important question. The question is this: Does your business excite you and energize you? Well, it should do. In fact, it HAS to! Seriously. Here’s why It’s impossible to build a truly successful business, unless that business fills you with energy and excitement. Think about it. The […]

Minimum or maximum can make you a fortune in 2021

There are two business models, which have proven time and again to be extremely successful. They are: Focusing on the minimum you can deliver. Focusing on the maximum you can deliver. In today’s post, I’ll show you how both of these work, PLUS how to keep your current business model and open up a whole […]

How to protect your business from damaging advice in 2021

In life there are certain people who you absolutely need to avoid. The same is true in business. Some are easy to spot The web designer whose website is a piece of crap. The marketing expert, who embarrassingly needs to pester people on Linkedin because their own marketing doesn’t work. The consultant or adviser who […]

How to be a successful, serial entrepreneur

Wherever you are right now, whatever your past, you can be a successful entrepreneur or serial entrepreneur. First, let’s get the serial entrepreneur myth out of the way Look around any business network and it won’t be long before you find people, calling themselves serial entrepreneurs. They’re everywhere. Or so it appears. However, as is often the […]

The customer is not always right

That old saying, that the customer is always right, is bogus. Worse still, if you believe the customer or client is always right, it will damage your business. Allow me to explain! That saying still persists, because fearful service providers are scared that if they say the customer is wrong, they might take their custom […]

The most successful business is seldom the best in its niche. Here’s why!

The most successful service provider and the best service provider, are seldom the same service provider. In fact, it seldom happens. That’s because being the best doesn’t automatically mean people will notice you, believe you or hire you. Why is that? Commercial success requires a critically important balance. You need to balance the development of […]

The key to getting your business noticed

I want you to imagine you’re in a huge stadium. There are 70,000 people there. And every single one of them is dressed in bright yellow clothing. Then a guy walks in who’s dressed from head to foot in red. Immediately, everyone notices him. He stands out, because he’s not like all the others. He attracts […]

Einstein, Steve Jobs and the power of focus

How many new projects and ideas are you planning for 2021? I ask you this, because one of the fastest ways to massively improve your success rate, is to give your full focus to as few projects as possible. Why? When you are a small business owner or consultant, you have a relatively limited number […]

Let’s dance

Here are a few of the ideas I shared with a group of entrepreneurs yesterday, on Zoom. They asked me for some insight into areas they should include in their 2021 business development strategy. I thought you may find them useful. In no particular order. Dance with it Crisis precedes change. We’ve all seen changes […]

22 Must-know reasons why they’re not hiring you

It’s a massive source of great frustration. You’re trying to sell a service or product to a prospect… and they just don’t ‘get it’. They can’t seem to understand the value or why they need it. And it’s driving you nuts! There are many reasons why this happens. Let’s see how many I can come […]

10 Important ways that successful business owners think differently

Here are some very important ways that successful business owners think differently. I have also linked to additional resources, which you may find useful. They surround themselves with motivated people. They know that you can’t build a successful company with pessimistic, fear-focussed team members. They have the courage to back themselves, rather than wait for […]

Embrace the low risk and maximum potential mindset

It’s impossible to completely eliminate risk from your business. But you can have the best of both worlds, with low risk and maximum potential. Let’s start by looking at risk and why you can’t (and shouldn’t) totally eliminate it from your business. Think about it: Even if your results are fine right now, and you […]

I’m really confused

I’m confused. Really confused. Here’s why. You say you provide a great quality service, but your fees are pretty close to average. You give various reasons to hire you, but your services look a lot like your competitors. And the wording on your website reads just like all the others I’ve checked out in your […]

This 3 letter word can destroy your sales results

When it comes to creating a powerful marketing message and attracting new customers, ‘new‘ is overrated. It can also destroy your marketing results. There are 3 core reasons for this. The newest product or service is always a riskier bet. At best, it’s a bigger gamble than the trusted incumbent. At worst, the customer feels […]

How to be in high demand and earn the highest fees

We know why the most successful businesses and freelancers are always in high demand. Its the same reason they command the highest fees. They provide something of value, which is in short supply. We also know why the average business isn’t in high demand. It’s because they provide something, which is in abundance. Here’s the […]

Marketing 101: Never sell to a stranger again

Smart people speak, because they have something to say. Dull people speak, because they have to say something. And the difference between those approaches is huge! The same is true in business When smart business owners connect with their marketplace, they have something interesting to share. When the average business owner connects with their marketplace, […]

How to be totally and utterly irreplaceable

How hard would it be for one of your clients or customers to replace you with an alternative provider? I was thinking about this yesterday when a salesman came to my home. He asked if he could quote me a price to look after the trees and hedges, which surround all 4 sides of our […]

A comfortable way to attract new customers

How easy is it, for your prospective clients or customers to get in touch with you? I’m not talking about how visible your phone number, email address or contact form are. I’m referring to something that is just as important and yet seldom written about: How approachable you seem to be, to a prospective client […]

An approachable way to attract new customers

How easy is it, for your prospective clients or customers to get in touch with you? I’m not talking about how visible your phone number, email address or contact form are. I’m referring to something that is just as important and yet seldom written about: How approachable you seem to be, to a prospective client […]

When you’ve run out of all possible options

… you haven’t! There’s always an answer. A way forward. A way to turn things around. Often, the answer you need is already within you, but you need to dig a little deeper in order to uncover it. Start by asking yourself a better version of the question you need answering; because better questions will […]

Scaling your way to success

What’s the best way to scale your business for success? Here are my thoughts. But first, a quick question for you: What do the following all have in common? Kindness. Honesty. Caring. The answer is that they’re attributes that are valued, extremely highly, by everyone. We are attracted to people who are kind, honest and caring. […]

Revealed: Why email marketing doesn’t work

A reader shared an interesting observation with me. She told me she had “found out the hard way that email marketing doesn’t work”. She asked me for my thoughts on why email is so ineffective. I said I’d share them here, as I’m sure some of you will find it useful. Email marketing works. In […]

Contacts for vanity. Relationships for sanity

I’d like to ask you a relatively easy question. How many business contacts do you have? You can easily get an approximate figure by adding together your social network contacts, the contacts in your address book and email lists, etc. For most reading this, the number will be in the high hundreds. For many it […]

Converting attention into paying customers

So, you want to get your products or services noticed? Of course you do. You work hard, your business is excellent and more people need to know about what you do. However, before you start working on how to get noticed, you’ll need to put some foundations in place. Otherwise, you’ll blow a ton of […]

Your competitors are lazy and unprofessional

When was the last time you researched your competitors? It has never been easier for you to research the marketing you are competing against, than it is today. In minutes, you can tell if someone is serious competition to your business or simply a dabbler. For example. You can read their website and tell instantly […]

What on earth are they thinking?

I’ve been doing some thinking this morning. I wonder why thousands of accountants pay, to use the exact same newsletter and marketing materials as their competitors… then complain because their look-alike firms attract fee sensitive client enquiries. I wonder why marketing professionals join networking groups, desperately looking for leads, when they’re supposed to know how […]